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Welcome to Yoga In The Himalayas

Introduce the yoga
Yoga is an ancient art of holistic well being, which was originated during the times of the rishis and munis ( holy men of the past) in ancient India. Even though it is an ancient system, many people have lately become interested in learning this technique. Nowadays people have started opening yoga classes in countries like the UK, USA, Europe, etc. to teach western form of yoga to the people. But to learn ancient Indian yoga tourists have to come for yoga tours in The Himalayas as well as Rishikesh in The capital of Yoga. Rishikesh is the holy city in India it is in this town that the art of yoga was developed; even today you will find people who regularly practice yoga to keep themselves fit. Rishikesh is the first city that falls on the course of Ganga as it makes its way to the Bay of Bengal. Rishikesh is dotted with ashrams where you can mediate or practice yoga. Located at the foot hills of the Himalayas with the river Ganga flowing by Rishikesh is perfect place for learning yoga.

About Yoga in the Himalayas
Yoga in the Himalayas is a group of young spiritual teachers with a traditional ashram/monastic background and deeply passionate about spiritual, cultural and Natural Lover exchange of East and West. All our teachers are either monks or scholars or spiritual and Natural Lovers seekers who are enriched with years of experience in teaching the students from different countries around the world.

We offer a wide range of body-mind-spiritual retreats, trainings, courses that includes Asanas, breathing (pranayamas), Chakra balancing practices, meditation, ayurveda, detox kriyas, Sanskrit Language and a practical philosophy to live a dynamic life with a peaceful heart. The uniqueness of our courses is that we don't impose any fixed manuals, guidelines, books, traditions, rules etc... We evaluate each students individually and respect their choices and requirements throughout the programs.

We don't promise Nirvana (enlightenment ) or deep spiritual experiences, nor do we bang you with some abstract spiritual philosophies. What we teach is simple yoga and meditation practices that can be of practical use in your daily life and harmonize all areas of life, including diet, sleep, relationships and work attitudes. Yoga In The Himalayas offers a variety of yoga Packages in The Himalayas as well as Bank of Ganges and the Capital of Yoga in Rishikesh for both beginners and teachers.

Benefits of Yoga in Everyday Life
Weight loss, a strong and flexible body, glowing beautiful skin, peaceful mind, good health - whatever you may be looking for, yoga has it on offer. However, very often, yoga is only partially understood as being limited to Asanas (yoga poses). As such, its benefits are only perceived to be at the body level and we fail to realize the immense benefits yoga offers in uniting the body, mind and breath. When you are in harmony, the journey through life is calmer, happier and more fulfilling.

With all this and much more to offer, the benefits of yoga are felt in a profound yet subtle manner. Here, we look at the top 10 benefits of regular yoga practice.

1) All-round fitness
2) Weight loss
3) Stress relief
4) Inner peace
5) Improved immunity
6) Living with greater awareness
7) Better relationships
8) Increased energy
9) Better flexibility & posture
10) Better intuition

Study Yoga in The Himalayas, India
Learning yoga in The Himalayas is a truly unique & life changing experience. Himalayas has been the cradle of this ancient wisdom tradition for centuries. Many great saints and numerous practitioners have spent their lives practicing and developing this wonderful science of life in these very mountains. Yoga students feel a very palpable spiritual energy and grace when they spend time in practice In The central of Himalayas.